MBPIS, Multi Group Winning
CH Kandem Summit No Regrets CGN TT
The #2 Basenji in Canada for 2013 & 2014
#1 Basenji Puppy in Canada for 2013
#1 Basenji Bitch for 2013 & 2014

 Phoebe's ad in the 2015 1Q Issue of The Modern Basenji Worldwide
The #1 Basenji Puppy 2013 and
#3 Hound Group Puppy in Canada for 2013
A Canadian Champion at just 7 months old!
5 Times Best Puppy In Show Winner - A Canadian Breed Record!
Sire: Can CH Duara Kiasi Kimari
Dam: Can CH Klassic's Taste Of Honey
DOB: January 6, 2013
See Phoebe's Full Interactive Pedigree with photos HERE
A great way to end the Year... with a BOB win over the Top Special and Group 1st!
This Group Win at the Lethbridge Kennel Club consolidated Phoebe's position 
as the #2 Basenji in Canada for the 2nd year in a row!
Thank you to Judge Peter Machen for this memorable win
and for the wonderful comments on our girl! :)
 Phoebe wins Group 2 at the Battle River KC show under Judge Geraldine Taylor!
The Battle River show weekend saw Phoebe placing in the Group every day,
which ranked her #3 in total Hound Group Points won in Canada that week!
Phoebe also won Group 4 the following weekend under Judge Maureen Hanley!
Phoebe wins Group 2 at the Battle River show under Judge Stephen Hubbell!
Phoebe also won a Group 4 the previous day under Judge Richard Lopaschuk!
 Phoebe wins Group 3 at Lloydminster Kennel Club under Judge Janet Lobb!
Phoebe's other wins at the Lloydminster shows on the same weekend,
Group 3 under Valerie Gervais and Group 4 under Sheila Verhulst!
Phoebe wins Group 3 at Calgary Kennel Club under Judge Carmen Haller!
Phoebe wins Group 3 at Calgary Kennel Club under Judge Len Harfield! 
Phoebe wins Group 2 at Medicine Hat KC under Judge Sue-Ellyn Rempel!
Phoebe wins Group 2 at Medicine Hat KC under Judge John Rowton!
Phoebe Lure Coursing at Indus, AB - August 2014
Phoebe moving - July 2014
Phoebe wins Group 2 on her first weekend out in 2014!
 Phoebe WINS the Hound Group for the second time as a Senior Puppy!
(Photo by Cathy French Photography)
#3 Hound Group Puppy in Canada for 2013! Phoebe's Best Puppy In SHOW #5!!
Phoebe wins Group 3 and Best Puppy In Group!
She also wins 9-12 female class in Puppy Sweeps!
#1 Basenji Puppy In Canada!  Phoebe's Best Puppy In SHOW win #4!!
Phoebe wins Group 2 and BPIG for the second time of the weekend!
Phoebe wins Group 2 and Best Puppy In Group!
Phoebe's Best Puppy In SHOW win #3!!  [ ...her 2nd BPIS win of the weekend! ]
Phoebe WINS the Hound Group!!! This was on her first day as a move-up to Specials. 
After winning BOB and Group 4 the previous day, Phoebe wins BOB/BPIG
to finish her Canadian Championship, then goes on to win her second
Best Puppy In SHOW!!
Phoebe wins BOB, BPIG, then goes BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at the Kamloops shows!!
 Phoebe completed all requirements for her Canadian Championship at 7 months old. 
Her CH win record included BOB wins over competition for all of her points, Group 3
& Group 4 placements, Multiple Best Puppy In Group wins and Best Puppy In SHOW!!
(*New Champion - August 31, 2013 - Pending CKC Confirmation) 
Phoebe going Group 3 and BPIG at 7 months old. 
Phoebe and Larry Clark -- What a Great Team ! 
(Photo by Louann Hansen - Animato Papillons)
Phoebe started her show career at the 2013 Evelyn Kenny Kennel Club shows, at six months and five days old. She went BOB/BP over the competition on all three days of
the show weekend for her first points! Currently on 6 pts after 2 weekends.
(Photo by Kathy Davies/Summit Kennel)
Phoebe's OFA Public Health Records - CLICK HERE
Hemolytic Anemia/Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: Direct DNA test NORMAL
Basenji PRA/Night Blindness: Direct DNA test CLEAR/NORMAL
CERF Certified: Eyes NORMAL w/breeder options noted
(Minor PPM - Peripheral Iris to Iris: One strand, left eye)
Fanconi Syndrome: Direct DNA test CARRIER
Patellae: NORMAL by Vet Check (April 2014)
Dentition: NORMAL Bite - Full Dentition
Hips: To be determined
(Photo by Kathy Davies/Summit Kennel)
(Photo by Kathy Davies/Summit Kennel) 
Can CH Duara
Kiasi Kimari
(Black & White)
Can/Nat/Int CH
Mankia's Kero Matata
(Red & White)
Am/Can CH Abu Maxamillion Of Mankia (Black Tan & White)
Can CH Mankia's Ajoli
(Red & White)
Can/Int CH Mijokr's Kirimu Kwa Duara
(Black & White)
Am CH Baruh's Blitzen By Jorj
(Red & White)
Mijokr's Fancy Footwork SFB
(Black & White)
Can CH Klassic's
Taste Of Honey
(Red & White)
Klassic's Fraser Underfoot (USA)
(Red & White)
Am CH Reliant Inferno
(Red & White)
Am/Can CH Sequoia's Klassic Brittania (Red & White)
Klassic's Dream Girl
(Black Tan & White)
Ituri Klassic Basic Black
(Black & White)
Am CH Taji's Go For
Baroque JC (Red & White)
Phoebe is our beloved Basenji
(Photo by Kathy Davies)

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